Flippaper - 2015

Flippaper - 2015

Flippaper, mix between a drafting table and a pinball grants life to your drawings. Take a few felt pens, draw a few shapes, press SCAN and ta-dah!, your drawing lights up. And it doesn't stop there: with the help of smoked, mirrors and a bit of tech, a ball appears on your drawing and react to it. A whole pinball emerge before your eyes.

No need to be an expert, through a language of shape and color, your drawing is augmented with various behaviours (bumper, walls, speed-up, warp zones...). Sketch everything that crosses your mind or come up with an actual gameplay, trickling as it can be. Press SCAN and start a frenzied pinball game! Right in the middle of your game, erase some areas of your gameplay with Tipp-Ex or tape, fix your drawing, refresh by pressing scan again, launch the ball, draw again and beat the High-Score !

Through a programming language based on strictly analog tools, Flippaper brings virtual and material back together. Explore a new balance between drawing and logic, control and accidents, action and meditation. Synchronize your inner experience to this incredible physical world.


At the command of this spaceship: Jéremie Cortial and me, as the left and right arms of Papertronics, aiming to find more natural and physical (who said carnal?) ways to interact with new technologies. Pigments on canvas was used by cavemen, so it felt good enough for us. Felt pen, paint or colored dot stickers on papers, colored food syrup on thin white waffle, graff on a wall, body paint on naked bodies... draw with any means necessary and grant your drawing life by pressing the magical SCAN button. What was static becomes dynamic, alive and utterly fun to play! A whole new world of messy interactions opens up. We're the welcoming committee.

Stay tuned for the upcoming open library and many other projects using this tech!