Forest - 2017

Forest - 2017

Come take a walk in a forest whose shape evolves at the whim of the spirits that inhabit it. But don't get too lost in contemplation... you're not alone.

Forest creates a bridge between drawing and virtual reality. At the center, a table where you draw a forest as seen from above. Around, VR headsets for everybody to experience the drawn forest as a shared 3D virtual world.

As spirits of the forest, felt pens are your magic wands. Through a graphical language of shape and color (red for lava, dots for trees, blue for water…), you create your personal forest as you see fit. Draw, erase, scan, rinse, and repeat: the forest never stops evolving. As a wanderer, the VR headset allows you to explore this forest as a shared 3D virtual world while interacting with its other inhabitants.

Supported by POSCA and by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US.

Exhibited at Future Of Storytelling, NYC, 2017.