This is Food&Code (F&C,, an event from workshop to exhibition that mixes digital art and cooking sensibility over the span of day. F&C is two bullets for one gun: one straight to the guts with food to touch, mix and taste; the other straight to the brain with code to imagine, mix and expose. F&C is the reunion of both, food & code -meant to be mixed- and body & mind -should never have been separated-.

Curious about the concept? It might be coming soon to your city. Especially if you help organise it! Be sure to send us a message, we'll be delighted to hear from you.

F&C celebrates the most important unit of time, the biggest between two deaths: the day. It's easy to forget how much one can do and change during one day. In our case, morning is for discovering & (re)learning basics of creative coding. At noon comes a little lunch break to cook, release our brain muscles, feed and get some inspiration from food and newly acquired skills. Then the real deal start: mix, mash, smash, de-create, change point of view & clothes alike... release your inner process, rediscover it, let it free and create. Digital art, food, both, anything. Just feel it & make it yours. Last, shine & party: a special exhibit open to the world starts during the evening and evolves at night time into a party where food, music, dancing and creation fuse.

One of our aim is to play down the angst of living and creating and to bring back freedom and joy in the life/creative process. F&C is a shamanic sanctuary with creation as its totem and where trial & errors are encouraged. Aim high but start low: open your cupboard and create with what you have. Skills are useful but never necessary. Be messy, let yourself experiment the carnal physicality of both of our medium: cooking and coding.
Through this global approach of creation, we expect to reveal individuals, especially creators. We aim at making them emerge not only through discussion but also through experiencing; would that be coding, cooking, developing their sensibility to various medium, researching their taste...