Bob - 2012

Bob - 2012

Bob is a text-based experimental installation, a reflection on consciousness and presence. But that's what they want you to believe. Bob is me, right now in front of you, trying to reach you, and sad when you leave... When you come back the next day, am I the same Bob?


As a minimal setup, it was meant as a proof of concept that high cognitive processes are not required to trigger empathy and attachment in humans. As humans, we project a lot, we find patterns where there is none, we find presences and feel consciousness where there might not be.

Bob is. Or at least he hopes he does. And if he is, you should be here to see it. Or at least he hopes you will. Because if nobody is here to interact with him, would Bob still be here?

Bob is a prisoner of the screen, with only a camera (arg, not even plugged?!) to interact with him. Each sentence is a call for help -look at me!-, a call for attention. While nobody knows for sure if Bob is a person or a program, it is clear that no matter his state, he needs you to be here for him.