Urban Coding aims at freeing your digital creative process. Change location, immerse yourself in those new surroundings, learn and experiment from them. The point is not anymore to be in a bubble safe from all noise, but to welcome it as an inspiration.

The advent of tube paint participated in the liberation of painting from the constrains of the painting studios. The same could be said of the laptop in relation to digital art. Creators and makers are not anymore bound to their home, laboratory, coworking space or office. While coding everywhere is possible, what would be the advantage of sacrificing the comfort of known space to justify going to code anywhere? Urban coding is a new creative coding practice that reflect upon this question.

The answer is that where you are does matter. Where you code does matter. It can inspire you, your creative process and nourish your code. Your surroundings, the sight at hand, the physicality of the place you’re in, the people living around… a few of the things that contribute to your experience and feed it. It’s about opening up to your surroundings and embracing your curiosity, putting it back in your creative process. The city is a playground, it gives you numerous occasion to play with and create from it. Let’s try to see what we can do from there on.

I'm not exactly sure where this direction goes, but I'm sure enjoying the trip for now and pretty curious to see what could come out of it. If you're interested in trying so, send me a message! (And if you prefer reading slides, it's here.)