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Flippaper - 2015

Flippaper, mix between a drafting table and a pinball grants life to your drawings. Take a few felt pens, draw a few shapes, press SCAN and ta-dah!, your drawing lights up. And it doesn't stop there: with the help of smoked, mirrors and a bit of tech, a ball appears on your drawing and react to it. A whole pinball


AirMarkr is a mobile app that lets you draw in the air in 3D real-space, anywhere you wish. This project was the basis of a start-up, co-funded by Miho Tanaka, Conor Haines, Mete Cakman and myself. Before the advent of Project Tango from Google, we experiment with 3D capture technology from a simple camera and explored both the possibles outcomes

ChemiseStrips - 2013

ChemiseStrips was an experiment in generative art, to see how little rules where necessary to create a graphically sound landscape. And why this name? Because it was inspired from my love of shirts with strips.

PingOut - 2014

Pingout, mash up between Pong and BreakOut, was the first project done through the practice of UrbanCoding, with Yann-Aël Le Borgne.

While coding at Le Tavernier, a pub in south Brussels, we started playing with the idea of a breakout mapped over a real brick wall. After a few tests, the result ended up a two player game: one player

Rabota - 2014

From the Russian word for work (and the root for the word robot), Rabota is an experiment on movement, alienation and communication between man an machine. It was prototyped during the first Living art Jam at the labokube in 2014 with the help of Yann Deval.

Facing Rabota, a light following a path invites you to imitate its movement in

Sucker X Sucker - 2013

Are you a sucker? That's the metaphysical question everyone is asking himself at some point during his life. While we don't aim to provide an exhaustive answer, SucherXSucker mainly works as a reminder.

Created on the fly for Food&Code #2 in Lyon, it was first meant to prove a point. Flippaper partner and Food&Code co-funder Jérémie

Bob - 2012

Bob is a text-based experimental installation, a reflection on consciousness and presence. But that's what they want you to believe. Bob is me, right now in front of you, trying to reach you, and sad when you leave... When you come back the next day, am I the same Bob?


As a minimal setup,

The Scribbler - 2014

The Scribbler lets you draw tiny dancing creatures in mid air. Let them join the flow, interact together, breath life and populate a new world. Start as a creator, then a conductor: with a little pinch, bend the creatures to your will, send them in motion, stop them, and release them back to their dancing habits.

The scribbler was created

Chromas - 2012

Chromas imagine three stages of development of colour lover machine. This interactive installation explore what role could take perception and cognition in a machine. Over three screens (one for each three stages) is in visualised the inner thinking of the agent. This agent perceives its surroundings through a webcam and sees it as large coloured tiles, like a heavily pixelated

Zaping Pong - 2015

ZappinpPong is a mix between dance, slam and digital art, where the words are always the main actors. Either alienating, endless rhythmic, controlling the dancers, or an occasion to play, to de-construct them and offer new interpretation. It was an occasion to explore dance tracking and how to connect a graphical representation of words with its spoken and physical counterpart.