Sucker X Sucker - 2013

Are you a sucker? That's the metaphysical question everyone is asking himself at some point during his life. While we don't aim to provide an exhaustive answer, SucherXSucker mainly works as a reminder.

Created on the fly for Food&Code #2 in Lyon, it was first meant to prove a point. Flippaper partner and Food&Code co-funder Jérémie Cortial didn't think that it'd be possible to actually hack his broken cocktail japanese interactive table (yes) in a matter of hours. Through the power of makey makey, a few wires, salvaged screens & speakers and a laptop, SuckerXSucker came to be.

So, what is SuckerXSucker? Yet another 2 players version of Pong. The missing piece? The possibility to actually move your pong paddle closer to your opponent's and a little physic added to the ball movement. Stay in your territory to get enough time to react, or go up front and smash the ball in your opponent side. For reasons unknown to me and mankind, it ended up being highly addictive... The setup, posing your drink on the glass table, close by or actually on the game, the electric gameplay, the non-stop rhythm, the swearing that accumulated... All made this prototype a pretty fun and skill-needing game. Meanwhile, the question of why one's sucks remains unanswered...