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PingOut - 2014

Pingout, mash up between Pong and BreakOut, was the first project done through the practice of UrbanCoding, with Yann-Aël Le Borgne.

While coding at Le Tavernier, a pub in south Brussels, we started playing with the idea of a breakout mapped over a real brick wall. After a few tests, the result ended up a two player game: one player

Sucker X Sucker - 2013

Are you a sucker? That's the metaphysical question everyone is asking himself at some point during his life. While we don't aim to provide an exhaustive answer, SucherXSucker mainly works as a reminder.

Created on the fly for Food&Code #2 in Lyon, it was first meant to prove a point. Flippaper partner and Food&Code co-funder Jérémie